Roll Off Dumpster Delivery Driver Job Description


Are you ready for a fast-paced profession in the waste management and recycling industry? A Austin trash company is hiring garbage collection drivers. Offering competitive pay, and benefits, this trash company is a leader in the local market.

Our drivers service dumpster rentals for construction trash, bins for home clean outs, wood recycling containers, rolloffs for concrete removal, and much more.

The main part of the job is traveling from our dumpster storage yard or the landfill to a customers location and either delivering or picking up a dumpster.  The driver repeats this multiple times per day while taking each full trash container to the Austin landfill to dump.

Drivers may been to climb onto the container to move debris for safe transport and to install a tarp for hauling. The driver will also hook and unhook the container from the truck.

The environment is very fast paced with constant change and extreme hot, cold, wind, water, ice environments outside. This can be a physically demanding job and a health certificate is required for employment.


Operate the rolloff container truck safely under the local Austin Texas and federal laws, insurance regulations, and waste company policies and procedures.

Perform dumpster removal and deliver for clients during each day of work and follow the route or work order instructions.

Daily fill out route sheets and communicate with dispatch at to your progress throughout the day.

Perform inspections of the refuse truck before and after each trip and fill out complete logs.

Oversee the regular maintenance and repairs of the equipment you are responsible for, including taking the truck to a repair shop for diagnosis and repair.

Conduct yourself in a professional manner with all coworkers, customers, and the general public.

Other duties as assigned which may include painting the trash containers, or cleaning the truck, and more.


Must be able to understand and follow a GPS system.

Must be able to execute daily physical aspects of the work and the physical exertions like sitting for long hours, standing in the rain, climbing on the container, moving trash within the container, shutting the doors of the rolloff.

Required excellent truck driving experience and skills to maneuver into tight places.

Have a general mechanical understanding of the rolloff truck and willingness to take it to get diagnosed and repaired if it is not a common quick fix problem.

Willingness to work extra hours, weekends, and holidays as requested.

Capability to work in every condition of the weather.

Need outstanding verbal communication skills and ability to speak effectively with the team and our clients.

Minimum of three years experience driving a CDL truck, unless applying for a NON-CDL position.

Experience in the waste collection and recycling industry is advantageous.

Other skills may be needed and additional tasks will be assigned depending on what is needed to keep the business running, so flexibility is essential.


Legal permit to work for any employer in USA.

At least 21 years of age.

Residence in the Austin Texas area (we will not pay for relocation)

Valid Class B CDL (unless applying for a non-cdl position)

Valid DOT medical card or in a position to obtain one before employment.

Zero license suspensions in last 3 years.

Less than 3 moving violations in the last 3 years.

Complete pre-job screenings and tests including drug tests.

Must be able to read and speak English, understand traffic signs, and more.


This job is in extreme climate conditions including extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, mud, etc.

Open exposure to waste materials and landfills

Work in high traffic spots with large heavy trucks and limited maneuvering spaces.

This job explanation is supposed to help summarize the overall nature of the job, but is not meant to be all inclusive. This description does not exhaust or limit the skills or obligations necessary to perform the work assigned by the waste management employer. All employment contracts are at the discretion of the garbage collection company.

Garbage Truck Job Interviews


A Sneaky Peak At A Few Common Questions In The Trash Business

So you’ve got an interview coming up in Austin Texas, and you’re wondering how you can best get prepared. No job interview is an easy task, and garbage truck job interviews are no exception to that rule!

One of the things that can really calm your nerves and have you feeling in a positive place before you attend an interview, is having at least a rough idea of the type of questions that you may be asked.

Of course we can’t travel into the future, listen to the questions, write them down and then use them to prepare for the interview! That being said, there are some common questions that may come up, and are well worth thinking about in advance.

Even if these exact questions don’t get fired at you, you may still be able to use some of your thoughts to answer a similar question or to add weight to a statement you want to make.

So we’ll keep you waiting no longer, here they come a few common questions for garbage truck job interviews – enjoy!

1. Tell me five words that you think best sum up the role of garbage truck driver.

2. How do you feel that you are qualified to be a garbage truck driver?

3. Tell me about your previous job, including your reason for leaving.

4. Tell me about the most recent problems that you have encountered at work and how you overcame them.

5. What is most important to you, the salary or the level of job satisfaction?

6. Have you ever gone above and beyond your normal call of duty at work? If so tell me about what happened and why you took the actions you did.

7. What salary range are you anticipating?

8. What do you feel your weaknesses are and how do you think they will impact this role?

9. Have you ever been criticized at work? What was it for and did you feel it was justified?

10. How do you feel you could contribute to making the work more efficient?

Well there you have them, ten questions that you may just be asked when you go for the interview. Remember thinking carefully about your answers in advance, as well as researching other question which are typical for this type of interview, will help to calm your nerves, prepare your thoughts, and hopefully land you the job!

How to Determine the Average Rolloff Driver Salary


If you’re looking for a position as a rolloff driver, you’ll want to know how much you can expect to make. There are many reports available that can tell you what a rolloff driver salary should be. However, there are some factors you need to take into account when looking at the salary range for this position.

Roll Off Driver Experience

A person with experience can expect to make more money. If you come into the position with a little experience you can expect your salary to be on the low end of any salary range. A person with years of experience will make more.

In order to determine your potential salary, you need to consider how many years experience you have as a roll off driver. If you have no experience, then you choose the lowest salary. After determining your experience level, then you need to consider where you’ll be working.

Trash Removal Company’s Location

The location of your job will also determine the amount of money you make. Some states like Texas have a lower cost of living, which means employers do not expect to pay as much. If you’re living in a major city like Austin, then you can expect to be paid a little more.

Often the difference in salary correlates to the difference in the cost of living so even though you may make more, you may spend more to live in that location. Before accepting a position look at the salary for that area, but also look at how much you’ll spend to live in that location.

The Waste Management Company You Work For

The company you work for will be a major factor when it comes to salary. Often large corporations have a set amount they pay specific positions. If you work for that company your rolloff driver salary will be the same no matter which location you work at.

If you work for a smaller company, you may find their salaries may be lower or higher than the national corporations. With smaller companies, you may get more benefits or less. That’s why it’s important to look at the companies that are hiring to determine the benefit of working for them.

When it comes to determining the average salary for a rolloff driver, it’s simple to look at reports and statistics. However, if you’re a rolloff driver looking for work, you want to know how much you’ll be paid and what benefits you’ll receive. The only way to get that information is with a bit of research.

A Basic Rolloff Truck Driver Job Description


Are you in the market for a new roll off driver job?

If so, have you considered driving a rolloff truck? This is a basic rolloff truck driver job description. When you go to apply for open positions, your potential employer should have a similar description for their rolloff driver applicants.

Having an understanding of what is expected of you makes it that much easier to create your resume. You will be better able to highlight the abilities you have that most closely match the needs of the rolloff truck driver job description.

Drivers are responsible for hauling waste and debris from residential and commercial customers. These jobs can sometimes be for construction site cleanup and hauling. Each driver will perform their assigned jobs on rolloff delivery and hauling routes.

Dumpster delivery jobs are physically demanding.

Drivers have to mount and dismount the heavy-duty truck several times a day. Besides this, they must be capable of lifting up to 75 pounds of weight. The job also requires lots of bending, pushing and pulling.

If you are interested in becoming a rolloff truck driver, you must have an impeccable driving record. Drivers have to be capable of keeping accurate logs, perform vehicle inspections on a daily basis and fill out all reports required.

Excellent communication skills are required in the handling of customer issues, working with dispatch and interacting with customer service. It is necessary to be able to follow all company procedures and comply will all federal, state and municipal regulations.

As the driver of a commercial motor vehicle, drivers are subject specifically to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This type of vehicle must meet weight standards and passenger capacity standards. It must also be placarded with regard to transporting any hazardous materials. The drivers will be educated regarding these regulations through the employer in most all cases.

If being a rolloff truck driver sounds like something that is a good fit for your skills and abilities, you can find many open job positions by doing job searches online. Once you find positions you are suited for, you can complete an application or upload your resume online. Check your application information or resume for accurateness before submitting anything.

Be sure to follow up if you are contacted for an interview in a prompt and professional manner. Good luck on your career as a rolloff truck driver.